[vlc-devel] Re: svn write access

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Tue Aug 30 13:06:58 CEST 2005

I think the patch is still under review


On 30 aug 2005, at 12:16, Wallace Wadge wrote:
> Hi,
> Can someone please grant me svn write access please? I've written a  
> patch to add multiple PMT and SDT support - I posted this on the  
> devel mailing list but it was ignored.
> I've also found a rather nasty memory leak in the decoder thread  
> I'd like to commit (vlc was crashing in a couple of hours - now  
> I've left it for a good 30 hrs and that leak seems to have been  
> plugged).
> Thanks
> Best regards,
> Wallace Wadge

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