[vlc-devel] Some build-problems with the upnp plugin

Christian Henz henz at c-lab.de
Thu Dec 1 20:14:46 CET 2005

Today I wanted to give the upnp plugin a try and ran into some problems.
(Used current svn, gcc 4.0.2, cyberlink 1.7.1)

First of all, it apparently does not suffice to give the "--enable-cyberlink"  
switch to the configure script, one has to use "--with-cyberlink-tree" or it 
will just ignore the first switch.

Another problem is that the plugin gets linked with gcc instead of g++, 
therefore missing libstdc++ in the end. Also, even though it seems to use 
expat, the plugin still needs Xerces linked. After I linked the plugin 
manually with these two added (-lstdc++ -lxerces-c), the plugin finally
showed up in VLC.

Christian Henz

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