[vlc-devel] VLC Mac OS X and Audio Device support

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Wed Dec 7 20:18:42 CET 2005

Hello everyone,

I have recently merged my AUHAL work and CoreAudio SPDIF work into  
one single VLC plugin.
It works with my PowerMac G5 SPDIF port and with my Sonica Theater  
(driver version 1.6) SPDIF and multichannel analog output.

However there are of course tons of other devices which I do not own  
or do not have access to. For this I need your help. If you have a  
USB, firewire of PCI audio device, please try the VLC nightly build  

The build:

To be tested:
- normal stereo out
- 5.1 analog out
- 5.1 encoded out

- Mac OS X 10.4
- The latest drivers for your device installed (please check this, a  
lot changed over the past two years in audio device management)
- speakers configured in Audio Midi Setup Utility (For multichannel  
analog output)
- When testing encoded output, you need to select the "name (Encoded  
Output)" variant of your device in VLCs Audio Device Menu
- PnP of devices during playback is not supported atm.

It's best to launch VLC from the Terminal with /Applications/VLC.app/ 
Contents/MacOS/VLC -vvv
In this mode VLC will provide detailed debug information which in  
case of an issue I can use to fix this. Please mail me this  
information in case you report back, as well as your Audio device  
type and your audio device driver version. Also please try to  
describe what you did in order to trigger the issue (the file type  
you played, what you selected etc etc).

I think that with this module I can finally claim analog multichannel  
output AND encoded digital output in VLC.
I also think that in the basis this is how such a thing needs to be  
implemented. However there can be a few corner stone cases for  
devices which are not currently handled just yet.

I would like to thank M-Audio for the Sonica Theater and the VLC  
users who donated money for the Powermac G5, without which I could  
have never fixed this.


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