[vlc-devel] Re: VLC and multichannel Audio Devices

Jean-Alexis Montignies ja at sente.ch
Thu Dec 8 12:00:10 CET 2005

Hi Derk,

I'm often rebuild vlc with the last track version and will be able to  
test this week-end on a Motu 828 mkII.

What I did remark on previous versions is that when outputing certain  
stereo files, VLC would still select the multi channel output and do  
the upmixing. To overcome this, I've created a aggregate device with  
just my motu, an alternate stereo config (to select the right output  
pair, wich also fix the quicktime bug regarding channels, cool! :))  
and not multi-channel output. It worked until recently but it with  
the build 2 days ago. I'll try with the new one.

One suggestion for VLC is to display something what kind of output it  
is generating: like an indicator for the source format (AC3 multi,  
AC3 stereo, DTS, PCM....) and one for the output (digital, stereo,  

Thanks for the nice work!


Le 7 déc. 05 à 20:21, Derk-Jan Hartman a écrit :

> Hello everyone,
> I have recently merged my AUHAL work and CoreAudio SPDIF work into  
> one single VLC plugin.
> It works with my PowerMac G5 SPDIF port and with my Sonica Theater  
> (driver version 1.6) SPDIF and multichannel analog output.
> However there are of course tons of other devices which I do not  
> own or do not have access to. For this I need your help. If you  
> have a USB, firewire of PCI audio device, please try the VLC  
> nightly build below:
> The build:
> http://nightlies.videolan.org/build/macosx/trunk-20051207-0541.dmg
> To be tested:
> - normal stereo out
> - 5.1 analog out
> - 5.1 encoded out
> Requirements
> - Mac OS X 10.4
> - The latest drivers for your device installed (please check this,  
> a lot changed over the past two years in audio device management)
> - speakers configured in Audio Midi Setup Utility (For multichannel  
> analog output)
> - When testing encoded output, you need to select the "name  
> (Encoded Output)" variant of your device in VLCs Audio Device Menu
> - PnP of devices during playback is not supported atm.
> It's best to launch VLC from the Terminal with /Applications/ 
> VLC.app/Contents/MacOS/VLC -vvv
> In this mode VLC will provide detailed debug information which in  
> case of an issue I can use to fix this. Please mail me this  
> information in case you report back, as well as your Audio device  
> type and your audio device driver version. Also please try to  
> describe what you did in order to trigger the issue (the file type  
> you played, what you selected etc etc).
> I think that with this module I can finally claim analog  
> multichannel output AND encoded digital output in VLC.
> I also think that in the basis this is how such a thing needs to be  
> implemented. However there can be a few corner stone cases for  
> devices which are not currently handled just yet.
> I would like to thank M-Audio for the Sonica Theater and the VLC  
> users who donated money for the Powermac G5, without which I could  
> have never fixed this.
> And all the Coreaudio-api list people, esp Jeff Moore and Doug  
> Wyatt, for their assistance and knowledge on AUHAL and CoreAudio.
> DJ
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