[vlc-devel] Re: OGG, AC3 encoder and maximum bitrate for video encoding

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Sun Dec 11 22:35:53 CET 2005

On 11-dec-2005, at 14:46, Håvar Nielsen wrote:
> First I will introduce myself. I'm Håvar. I've studied math,  
> programming and fysics at the Norwegian university of science and  
> technology in Trondheim. Now I'm a student at the Norwegian school  
> of Business and Economy. I would like to contribute to this project.

We welcome that !

> Could I get an SVN password, please?

We have the policy that we would first like to see several clean  
patches submitted to vlc-devel mailinglist before we grant people a  
SVN account. History has proven that new developers require some time  
to get accustomed to VLCs design and otherwise might unintentionally  
break things, simply because they have too little experience with the  

> There are some things I would like to improove though. These are  
> especially the subjects I've mentioned in the title of this e-mail,  
> OGG playback, AC3 encoding and improoving video encoding.
> The player does not seem to recognize comments in ogg streams.

I believe all comments in ogg files are added to the Information  
dialog. The problem however is that OGG comments are not  
standardised, and therefore an artist/title pair match cannot always  
be made.

> And it doesn't handle 5.1 OGG sound very well.

I'm not sure if this is implemented at all in VLC. I am sure that  
it's not much tested at the very least :D

> I would like the player to recognize 5.1 OGG and other none A/52 or  
> DTS multichannel streams and reencode these in realtime for  
> playback over SPDIF as AC3 sound.

That might be a tad more work then it looks like at first glance, but  
i like the idea. Could you please add AAC 5.1 to your list of ideas  
for the future ? :p

> Regarding the way VLC handles video-encoding. Besides the obvious,  
> that it has limited options, increasing the maximum bitrate (from  
> 3072 to 9999) or enabling fixed quantizer encoding would greatly  
> improve the quality of the output. - Especially at high resolution  
> video.

This is a limitation in the GUI. And for very obvious reasons  
actually. The options simply change too often. They are also very  
dependent on the version of ffmpeg that is used (not an issue on  
windows, but it is on linux, with which the windows version needs to  
stay compatible with).
Also i do not think this is stuff we need to bother 70% of the users  
with. The options are there, and work. They just don't have GUI  
buttons. I say people read the guide and do a bit of typing.


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