[vlc-devel] [Release] VLC media player 0.8.4a

Clément Stenac zorglub at via.ecp.fr
Tue Dec 13 11:15:52 CET 2005

Dear VideoLAN users,

The VideoLAN team is happy to announce the release of the VLC 0.8.4a
This is a minor update to VLC 0.8.4 which was released a few weeks ago.
It fixes some annoying bugs in 0.8.4.

The main improvements are:
 * OS X S/PDIF should now be fixed. We once more would like to thank all 
   users who donated for us to buy a G5, which allowed us to fix this.
 * A/52 over S/PDIF has been fixed in Linux ALSA support.
 * SAP Services Discovery had an annoying problem with IPv6 under Windows
   which has been fixed.
 * MusePack is now included in the Windows version

You can get a complete list by reading the release notes:

Binary packages are available for Windows and Mac OS X.
You can download those and the source code as well
on: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/

Help concerning this new VLC version is available :
 * Documentation - http://www.videolan.org/doc/
 * The Forum - http://forum.videolan.org/
 * The Wiki Pages - http://wiki.videolan.org/
 * The User Mailing Lists - http://www.videolan.org/support/lists.html
 * IRC - #videolan on Freenode

Remember to reset your preferences if you experience problems after
upgrading from a previous version.

For the VideoLAN team,

Clément Stenac

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