[vlc-devel] playlist changes

Filippo Carone filippo at carone.org
Wed Dec 14 11:06:02 CET 2005

 in order to implement the mediacontrol interface functions (see
http://wiki.videolan.org/index.php/Talk:MediaControlAPI ) we need to
change the current playlist implementation. 

 The main change is making playlist functions accept options for the
item to play. The current structure already allows such a change with
a little impact on the API, since arguments of playlist_LockControl are
in a variable number.

 What I propose is adding the following functions for the playlist

#define playlist_Play(p,o) playlist_LockControl(p,PLAYLIST_PLAY,o)
#define playlist_Pause(p,o) playlist_LockControl(p,PLAYLIST_PAUSE,o)
#define playlist_Stop(p,o) playlist_LockControl(p,PLAYLIST_STOP,o)
#define playlist_Next(p,o) playlist_LockControl(p,PLAYLIST_SKIP, 1,o)
#define playlist_Prev(p,o) playlist_LockControl(p,PLAYLIST_SKIP, -1,o)
#define playlist_Skip(p,i,o) playlist_LockControl(p,PLAYLIST_SKIP, i,o)
#define playlist_Goto(p,i,o) playlist_LockControl(p,PLAYLIST_GOTO, i,o)

 where "o" is a structure containing the options for the
playlist_item_t the playlist is going to play. Such structure could
hold for example the "time" the action should occur at.

 Do you think these changes are viable?


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