[vlc-devel] Re: eo-localisation

Antoine Cellerier dionoea at via.ecp.fr
Wed Dec 14 13:52:45 CET 2005


(i'll reply in english since my german is horrible ... and i don't even
know what the third language you used was. esperanto ?)

On Tue, Dec 13, 2005, Kristjan Schmidt wrote:
> i will try to translate vlc to esperanto if it will be not to 
> difficult - please send me the "localization file, ... with a special 
> VLC binary".

The .po file that you will need to translate is :

You should use an editor like poEdit (http://www.poedit.org/) to edit
this file. If you really need to test, I'll make a special binary so you
can test your translation.

I suggest that you start by translating interface strings (preferences
strings aren't as visible ... so they can wait).

Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Bonan sancon, (i hope that this really means 'good luck')

Antoine Cellerier

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