[vlc-devel] Re: VLC AX opens new framed desktop window instead of playing inside the host application's window

Damien Fouilleul Damien.Fouilleul at laposte.net
Mon Dec 19 18:26:21 CET 2005

do you see the cone logo when you are running your code ?

Jan Bölsche wrote:
> Hi! I'm new to this list and VLC development in general and run into 
> the following problem:
> When embedded into Zinc (http://www.multidmedia.com/software/zinc), 
> the VLC ActiveX control opens a new, framed desktop window with title 
> bar and everything right before starting playback of a video stream.
> The window is of class "VLC DirectX video" and has the title "VLC 
> (hardware YUV overlay DirectX output)"
> I guess this is because the Zinc COM Container is somehow, let's say, 
> not the best on earth and doesn't suport in-place activation. But I 
> don't have hard facts about this yet.
> Just wanted to ask, if somebody has some ideas about this before 
> diving deeper into VLC sources.
> Thanks!
>  Jan
> Subversion daemon wrote:
>> r13809 | massiot | 2005-12-19 17:46:48 +0100 (Mon, 19 Dec 2005) | 3 
>> lines
>> Changed paths:
>>   M /trunk/src/input/es_out.c
>>   M /trunk/src/input/var.c
>>   M /trunk/src/libvlc.h
>> * src/input/es_out.c: New --no-spu and --no-sout-spu options to disable
>>   processing of SPU elementary streams.

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