[vlc-devel] how to reduce working time of vlc

drus drus at td.tomica.ru
Wed Dec 21 07:58:08 CET 2005

Hello everybody.
I want to decrease time, which vlc needs to stream video.
I made some timing marks using such code in the input module and in the 
streaming module:
FILE *f;
mtime_t current_time = mdate();
f=fopen( "/times_http", "a" );
char b[15];
fclose( f );
So... When i compared the results, the whole delay is about 1 second. How to 
reduce this value?

I have tried to change DEFAULT_PTS_DELAY in vlc_config.h
Was: #define DEFAULT_PTS_DELAY (mtime_t)(.3*CLOCK_FREQ)
I wrote: #define DEFAULT_PTS_DELAY (mtime_t)(0.001*CLOCK_FREQ)

After this change the time on my fast machine is 0.3 second, and on the slow 
one this time increases much. According records it's about 3 seconds, but 
according picture it is much more slower. May be 15 seconds.

So, the question is: Is there any method to estimate minimum value of 
DEFAULT_PTS_DELAY for certain task? Its only input, muxing and streaming. The 
input stream is encoded.
Is there any other ways to decrease time. and caching?

Thank you

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