[vlc-devel] Re: Unasked for auto-playing under specific circumstances

Dermot McGahon dermot at dspsrv.com
Fri Dec 23 15:14:37 CET 2005

Derk-Jan Hartman wrote:

> the rc intf probably has p_intf->b_play == TRUE
> This flag tells the core to automatically start playback when the  
> primary interface is done loading. It is used mostly for  
> playlistitems specified on the commandline, but a side-effect could  
> indeed be that the because the items are added to the playlist before  
> the primary interface is loaded, they are played automatically as well.
> DJ

Hi Derk-Jan,

Yes, that is pretty much what is happening. And would probably be the 
right thing to
do for command line arguments. So, as my colleague Greg has suggesting, 
the best thing is that src/playlist/playlist.c in the request/non-view 
case checks and
respects the PLAYLIST_SKIP_FLAG. It does for all the other combinations 
of view mode
and request or play/old-mode, just not for request/non-view mode NextItem().

Line 965-1000 in playlist.c

Does it sound reasonable?


[00000442] main playlist debug: adding playlist item `Chapel TV' ( 
udp://@ )
[00000449] main interface debug: giving control to the interface, p_intf 
= 85BC9F8 b_play = 0
[00000453] main interface debug: looking for interface module: 2 candidates
[00000442] main playlist debug: playlist status = 0
[00000453] rc interface debug: trying UNIX socket
Remote control interface initialized, `h' for help
[00000028] main module debug: using interface module "rc"
[00000453] main interface debug: interface initialized - b_play = 0
[00000453] main interface debug: thread 3041430448 (manager) created at 
priority 0 (src/interface/interface.c:206)
[00000453] main interface debug: giving control to the interface, p_intf 
= 85C5008 b_play = 1
[00000453] rc interface debug: RC Interface pointer = 85c5008
[00000442] main playlist debug: beginning processing of request
[00000442] main playlist debug: playlist status = 1
[00000442] main playlist debug: processing request
[00000442] main playlist debug: non-view mode request
[00000442] main playlist debug: index: -1
[00000442] main playlist debug: skip flag: 0
[00000442] main playlist debug: goto flag: -1
[00000442] main playlist debug: next item found
[00000442] main playlist debug: creating new input thread
[00000455] main input debug: waiting for thread completion

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