[vlc-devel] Season's Greetings..

· zcot · cutmancw at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 23 19:29:44 CET 2005

hey guys..

hope you all have a lovely season for the season.. -scared to say Merry 
Christmas O_O

hehe.. :)

but no really, hope everyone in their own ways has a happy and loving 

Scott (zcot)

ps. vlc developers and maintainers.. I'm in the midst of moving and trying 
to rebuild my crushed life and family.. -guess I must have a good knack for 
these things, and oh on Christmas this time I'm getting better at it and 
even more destructive.  Anyhow, I'm sketchy at best for the time right now, 
but in the coming weeks I will be more established with something to where I 
can get back to having some fun and making some production(certainly little 
tweaks and testings;)  Just wanted to put the word out since I haven't been 
around in the last week and probably wont be for a little while but on a few 
occasions for irc.

Happy ______________ and New Year :)

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