[vlc-devel] Variable to VLC

SShail Shail sshail at servihoo.com
Sat Dec 31 15:18:19 CET 2005

I am a Prashant, i am at university and i am making my 
first year project.
I am doing a video library on PHP where i store video 
files in MPEG format. I capture the video and save it on 
my local drive and all metadata(ie title, cast, 
duration..etc) is stored onto a MYSQL database. I have 
design all my interfaces using PHP.i am being able to view 
the videos when i click on my web interfaces.
The problem is that i want to enhance my application by
  - playing VLC on the web browser starting with a time 
code that i have entered in a text box.
How do i do that , ie to tell VLC to play at 01:10:34 
instead of 00:00:00 - only with a click of a button.

Thanking you very much for VLC.Hope to have an answer from 
you soon.

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