[vlc-devel] *Always* hiding the Windows Taskbar

Matthew Fullerton matt at vision.eri.harvard.edu
Thu Feb 3 00:02:47 CET 2005

Someone pointed this out to me today, I'm wondering if anyone has 
thought about it or thinks its a good/bad idea.

For users with 2+ monitors, it might be nice to have an option for a 
full screen video output to *always* hide the Windows task bar. 
Currently if another window is selected, the taskbar reappears. For 1 
monitor, this seems both desirable and sensible, but for two it may be 
unnecessary, especially if the user has installed software to control 
window selection on the 2nd monitor (such as "Ultramon" which provides a 
2nd taskbar so users do not have to look at a taskbar on another monitor 
to control window selection on the 2nd).


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