[vlc-devel] Re: mpeg2-ps transcode error of duration?

Olivier Aubert oaubert at bat710.univ-lyon1.fr
Thu Feb 3 12:04:06 CET 2005

> It's been a while since I used VLC, recently I noticed that transcoding 
> a file towards a MPEG2-PS or TS, the 'duration' of the created file is 
> corrupted/incorrect (transcode and open with VLC and see duration of 
> file). If I mux (mp2v and mp2a) it on MP4 it seems to be fine.
I concur with your observations. For the Advene application, I need a
precise timing to position data in a video stream. It works fine for AVI
files, but gives wrong durations and time information for DVDs :

Mulholland Drive DVD :
- displayed duration in VLC  : 1:35:56 
- real duration : 02:25:16

DVD "Le voleur de bicyclette":
- displayed duration in VLC  : 1:35:56 
- displayed duration in WinDVD : 1:24:46

DVD "Meurtre d'un bookmaker chinois" :
- displayed duration in VLC : 0:59:25
- real duration : 2:15:00

It really is a VLC-related problem, as VLC and Xine both use
libdvdread/libdvdnav for DVD access, and Xine correctly reports
durations. But I do not know where to look to more precisely identify
the bug.


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