[vlc-devel] VLC Output FormatAudio/Synchro Problem -- Not Useable for DVD

Mark Moriarty mfmbusiness at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 7 02:43:48 CET 2005

Hi --
There appears to be something messed up in the current VLC file output.
It's been going on for at least several weeks, don't know how much longer.
A bunch of DVDs have become coasters, when I tried to directly turn VLC .VOB
into as ISO (the file was properly put in VIDEO_TS), or used Nero, which
crashed while operating on .mpg files.

I'm using a very latest test build, one that I compiled today from the
trunk.  Checking svn, looks like it's rev 9884.

Output is mp2v, mpeg PS, .mpg.  I've tried both mp2a and a52 audio,
192K/channel, 2 channel.  My source is a .ASF that I generated from the
original movie, using VLC.  Best I can tell the .ASF itself is fine, it's
the transcoding to an mpeg ps where things aren't quite right.

The resulting .mpg files are showing as corrupt, using multiple video
mastering apps -- Nero, DVD Hive, etc.  The apps will all churn away on the
.mpg file, then end.  Nero ends up going into vapor lock -- many segments
that it says it cannot encode, then it gives up and simply disappears.  DVD
Hive crunches the file, but in stage 2, audio synchronization, it ends up
reporting that the file is corrupt.

I switched back to 0.7.2, the April drop on the  nightly build area.  Output
was .mpg/MPEG PS/mpga 192K.  DVD Hive had no problem with it.

Checking my disk, I'm pretty sure that I got a successful file (one that
could be handled by DVD mastering software) back on 12/14  (I have a .ASF
file with that date, one that I then converted/burned into a working DVD).

Anyhow, I'd say there's something definitely awry, a reproducible problem,
and it looks like it's audio/synchro related.

(I now know enough not to try setting up an ISO from a VLC output, at least
-- on Windows DVDHive is a decent freeware app to do the initial file
checks, will generate an error if the source file is bad/unuseable)

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