[vlc-devel] Adding resource info to plugin DLLs

Utku Altunkaya utku at citlembik.com.tr
Mon Feb 7 20:05:57 CET 2005

I'd like to add resource information to a VLC plugin DLL (such as 
version info, file description, comments, etc. that show up in Windows 
file properties dialog). I know I can do it by using windres and then 
manually compiling and linking the plugin. But, to automate the 
inclusion of resource information, will I have to create a custom 
Makefile for the plugin, or does the VLC build configuration provide an 
easier way to do it such that I just specify the DLL and its associated 
resource somewhere in a configuration file, and the configure script 
does the dirty work creating the Makefile to compile and link the 
resource at build time (as is the case with vlc.exe for example)?

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