[vlc-devel] Sound problem switching from one file to another

Mr Wik wik at webmails.com
Thu Feb 10 13:22:07 CET 2005


I've a problem with VLC :-/
My VLC server has a lot of video files in the playlist.
Sometimes, when the server switches from one file to another, the sound
changes to state "disabled" in the VLC client.
I've to go into the VLC menu (sound), and to activate the sound
selecting track 2 (the only track available).
When the sound changes to state "disabled", the sound track name changes
from "track 1" to "track 2" in the VLC client.
I've found a solution, I re-encapsulate the video that makes the sound
switch off (using TS for example).
Then, when the server plays it, the sound doesn't change to state
but it's not a very good solution :-/ ...

Here is my command line : vlc *.* --intf http --quiet -v 0 --random
--loop --sout udp/ts:
On the IRC channel #videolan, DnuNorthPole said me to test with : --sout
But I got the same problem...
Using --sout-keep makes the VLC client unable to play the second video...

I hope you'll be able to solve this problem !

Good luck,

Best regards,

Mr Wik

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