[vlc-devel] Error display frame buffer in vlc

Vaughn Adano vaughn.adano at eppi.epson.com.ph
Wed Feb 23 11:03:19 CET 2005

Hey guys , could you help me with farme buffer display in vlc
When I tried vlc --vout fb <mpgfile>
this error occurred.
Cannot get terminal mode (wrong parameter).
I know that default device setting is /dev/fb0 and default console is
My frame buffer device is working properly. I tried displaying from mplayer
and it works.
This is my device settings when i triy fbset -s

	#D 131.96 Mhz H:80.328 Khz V: 76.649 Khz
	geometry 1280 1024 1280 1024 32
	timings 7628 160 32 164 160 4
	rgba 8/16, 8/8 8/0, 8/24
end mode
what must i do? must i change my bootup settings in /etc/grub.conf vga=?

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