[vlc-devel] Re: RTSP restrictions on codec?

Philippe Bridant philippe.bridant at smartjog.com
Fri Feb 25 17:02:23 CET 2005

> You're right. This isn't really appropriate for vlc-devel; nor is your
> status on some LIVE.COM mailing list, nor obligations you feel Ross
> Finlayson or LIVE.COM owes you, or owes people with smartjog.com email
> addresses, or others.
Nobody owes nobody and as I said in my previous mail, smartjog.com 
people are not involved in the developpements I do.

> People contribute to videolan out of their generousity. Or at any rate
> that's how I feel about whatever I've done. Although I don't use RSTP
> or LIVE code, from the discussion on the mailing list it seems to fill
> what would be an otherwise be a gaping hole in vlc. Furthermore, it
> appears to me that in the past that Ross has been generally helpful
> and responsive replies when folks have queries on aspects related to
> LIVE.com code.
I totally agree. Ross has been VERY helpfull but he changed his attitude 
without giving much more explanation that "I wont provide free 
consulting support for your project" and black listed me. "My project" 
as he said is "RTSP support in VLC". This explains my deception about 
him and the mail I sent.

> However I don't see how his already generous contributions in any way
> obligates Ross or LIVE.com to provide what he may feel is free
> consulting service to anyone by whatever definition HE decides on - as
> far as I'm concerned it could be completely arbitrary. After all it's
> his time he's donating.
You're right! And I am also donating time to VLC and I was donating time 
also to LIVE.COM by trying to make it work with VLC. I am unfortunately 
not able to contribute by giving money to ROSS for an educationnal 
project. By black listing me, he stopped any possible dialog and this is 
not the best way to have a smart discussion.

> As for myself, the acrid email emanating smartjog.com sort of turns me
> off should someone with a smartjog.com email address ask me for
> assistance on something I may have contributed and discourages me (if
> not also others) from considering smartjog.com should I ever be in a
> position to recommend them or use their services. So it probably makes
> best *business* sense to air your quibbles with LIVE.com outside of
> vlc-devel.
Once again I work for this company but I do not contribute in VLC for 

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