[vlc-devel] Transcoding Memory Leak When Stopping and Restarting Streams

Mark Moriarty mfmbusiness at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 26 18:27:18 CET 2005

WinXP Home Edition, fully patched.
Visible with the 0.8.1 release as well as current code base.

Start a stream, with transcoding.  Stop the stream.  Repeat (starting and
stopping the stream).
Using the wxindows interface I've done this with both dshow framegrabber
input and with a prerecorded .mp4 video.  I've tried transcoding to both
DIV3/mp3 and WMV2/mpga.  I've tried output to both ASFH/mmsh and MPEG

In all cases I get memory growth -- when I stop the stream, it returns to
memory utilization higher than when I first started it, and when I then
restart the stream, memory use increases.  On a 1 Mbps original movie I'm
seeing bumps of 3 - 4 MB in memory on each stream restart.  When I have a
dshow input I get on the order of 20 MB growth each time.
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