[vlc-devel] Re: gcc-2.95.3.diffbis.bz2

Jean-Paul Saman jean-paul.saman at planet.nl
Sun Feb 27 21:36:48 CET 2005

tom wrote:

> I'm a student of the Technical University of Berlin(my knowledge is not that 
>big :)) and I'm trying to cross compile the vlc for zaurus SL-C860. Well, I'm 
>trying to first set up all the stuff. I read your cross-compiling how-to -> 
>thank you very, very much for writing it! I just can't find the 
>gcc-2.95.3.diffbis.bz2 nowhere. I guest that is the reason I'm getting errors 
>by the compilation of  gcc(in the basic step). Can you please help(where can 
>I find that file)?
I don't know if that file is still available, but it should be in the 
debian distribution. The easiest way is to get a precompiled toolchain 
gcc-2.95.3 from http://www.arm.linux.org.uk/  but unfortunately their 
ftp server harddrive has broken. I suggest to grab a toolchain from 
http://kegel.com/crosstool/ instead (look at his buildlogs to see which 
fits best http://kegel.com/crosstool/crosstool-0.28-rc37/buildlogs/0.28/)

> What is the best(easiest) way to put vlc on zaurus, do you know anyone I 
>could write to?
Use the public vlc-devel at videolan.org mailinglist. You need to subscribe 
to it. There is no maintainer for the Zaurus at the moment, we are 
looking for someone to do that task. It is a daunting task, but you will 
learn a lot from it. If you have questions post to the vlc-devel 

> Is the kernel config ok also for zaurus?
Do know I do not own a zaurus, but the kernel headers are only needed 
for the architecture depedency to the cross-compiler. So probably, yes.

> I have also to put gtk2 on zaurus, do you have experience with this?
Personally I do not own a Zaurus so I have no experience with it. I know 
that Zaurus used to be built on top of Opie and QT embedded, so porting 
GTK requires a lot of effort. You will need X-Free and all its 
depedencies etc.

The VLC port to the iPAQ with Familiar Linux uses GTK+ and is the most 
complete PDA version of VLC. The Opie PDA version only provides a 
fullscreen video output. It needs a GUI. Maybe you could develop that?

Many greetings,
Jean-Paul Saman.

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