[vlc-devel] Annodex & VLC

Andre Pang Andre.Pang at csiro.au
Mon Feb 28 06:10:03 CET 2005

Hi all,

This is a long overdue message, to say thanks to all the wonderful work 
the VLC developers have done.  I know some of you are aware of the 
Annodex project <http://www.annodex.net>, and that we use VLC in our 
Firefox extension to do the actual playback of Annodex media (which 
uses the xiph.org codecs, e.g. Theora/Vorbis/Speex).  We haven't 
mentioned our use of VLC anywhere on our web pages yet, but that's 
really because I've been lazy, rather than having any malicious intent!

After the release of the Mac OS X version of the Firefox extension, 
I'll be fixing up the Annodex web pages and the Firefox extension to 
properly mention that we're using VLC for playback.  I want to publicly 
apologise that it hasn't been done yet, and to ensure that we will give 
VLC all the credit that it deserves.  Again, thanks to all of the VLC 
development team for such great (Free!) software.

: André Pang (x4180)
: Software Engineer, Networked Media : CeNTIE

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