[vlc-devel] UI Probing/classifying a Disc with libcdio

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Wed Jan 5 12:22:21 CET 2005

I'm not a UI kind of person, but I'd like to throw this out in case
others are interested. libcdio has had for a while the ability to
probe and classify a disc to see whether it is a CD-DA, VCD, or
DVD. So a button somewhere could be added, such as an the Open Disc
Menu to do a probe Disc(s) and report what's there and suggest
suitable MRL(s).

Similarly, in addition or instead one could have a "probe" button
which helps the various MRL-creation widgets out by setting things
more appropriate to what currently in drives. Things like the maximum
track (title, chapter, or entry) numbers.

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