[vlc-devel] Re: Adjusting VCD subtitle offsets

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Sun Jan 9 13:28:50 CET 2005

Gildas Bazin writes:
 > Mind you, I didn't want to touch this code. I only did it because it was 
 > rotting.
 > I guess I'll think twice before doing something like this next time.

I'm asking you (and others) to express (more often) your intentions
before (or after) making major changes that affects code that others
put in. Especially changes that affect the design or operation.

Like I just did in declaring putting back that options that could help
while there are other deficiencies (caused by your changes). If you
had in your mind a reason why you removed it, perhaps I had a reason
as to why I added it in the first place. Isn't it a bit arrogant to
assume that whatever reason(s) I had, you can ignore?

If you have a better idea (as you often do) or maybe something that's
more consistent with the overall program, say so rather than wait for
me (and in this case others too) to notice.  Maybe your idea will help
or guide others from making the same mistake when they contribute or
in other inconsistent modules? Maybe that idea will make it back in
more lasting documentation, e.g. despite the awful name, use spumargin
to adjust *all* subtitle positions. (I just did a grep in doc and
other than Changelog from 2002 I don't see it mentioned anywhere.)

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