[vlc-devel] panix.com domain hijacked use panix.net

rocky at panix.com rocky at panix.com
Sun Jan 16 17:31:31 CET 2005

Sorry if this is a little off-topic.

Basically the domain panix.com has been hijacked and so any mail that
was sent to anyone in panix.com (e.g. me) from Saturday Morning
(Melbourne Australia time) may have been misdirected. I just tried
sending mail to myself via the "panix.com" mail server listed in the
hijacked zone and it was accepted. I haven't received the email and
don't really expect to or get a bounce back. If people do get bounces
to mail sent to me (@panix.com) I'd like to be aware of it.

For now, if I need to be contacted the change the "panix.com" in my
address to "panix.net".

I guess the good news is that my volume of joe-job and spam email has
dropped off, although there is still too healthy an amount.

- - 
More details for those interested are on slashdot at:

or at the North American Operators Group Mailing list:

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