[vlc-devel] Re: SVN VLC video bad under Windows for 1024x768 video

James MacLean macleajb at ednet.ns.ca
Thu Jan 20 14:00:10 CET 2005

Benjamin PRACHT wrote:

>On Wed, Jan 19, 2005, James MacLean wrote :
>>Hi Folks,
>>Made a video at a resolution of 1024x768. Latest SVN VLC plays it under 
>>Linux ok as theo/vorbis in an ogg container or as mpeg4/mp3 in an AVI.
>>Windows however brings up a window that appears to be the right 
>>geometry, but the picture is green and looks like a badly synced TV 
>>screen with 2 pictures side by side.
>>Tried at 32 bit depth color and 16.
>It could be an issue with your graphic card overlay (still strange,
>since 1024x768 really isn't that big...) Could you try to disable
>overlay or to select the gdi video output, in the preferences, video
>tab, advanced options.
Disabling overlay fixes the colors, but the screen starts always from 
the right side. So if you pull the window title to the right, it 
stretches the picture from the left side.

Enabling overlay again and changing to GDI makes everything look correct :).

Changing to Direct X brings back the problems, so I expect Default == 
Direct X :).

This is an Nvidia Rivia TNT. At home another Nvidia had similar results. 
On a Citrix box, on the console, it worked, but when run through 
rdesktop it would just die until I set it to GDI. Rdesktop has only 256 
colors, so that may be part of that problem.

Hope this helps,

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