[vlc-devel] Re: Intergrating libVLC with real-time graphics library

Robert Osfield robert at openscenegraph.com
Fri Jan 28 13:25:31 CET 2005

Hi Sigmund

On Friday 28 January 2005 11:26, you wrote:
> vlc-devel is indeed the right list. Next think I have to say is that,
> unfortunatly, the libvlc api is not really suitable for this kind of task.
> As you say it mostly provide a modular way to create vlc-like applications.
> I know several other apis are available that might suit your needs better.
> This includes (but are probably not limited to) gstreamer, libxine and
> ffmpeg.

Thanks for the pointers, I've looked at ffmpeg a bit, but haven't come across 
gstreamer and libxine before.  I presume by libxine you mean xine-lib, as I 
couldn't find a project website for libxine just from a google search.

> I think indeed the libvlc api could be updated to support this kind of
> setup without too much work, but as far as I know there is no plan for
> doing so any time soon. Off course any contribution is welcome (and we
> might even give you some starting pointers).
> I'm glad to hear your interrest in vlc, and libvlc and hope my answer was
> helpful.

My interest in libvlc in particular is it being a one stop shop for handling 
the codecs and the streaming in and out of videos.  I've began thinking about 
how one would integrate it as a plugin, but don't yet have a clear plan of 

My first step would probably be creating a SDL video out option that uses the 
OpenSceneGraph to do OpenGL rendering, this would allow sdl to spawn an 3D 
window with a video running it.  After this I'll have to work out how to 
subvert the process such that its the OpenSceneGraph plugin that sets up 
libVLC such that it can be used in any OpenSceneGraph based application - 
where the application will have already created windows and be handling its 
own events - with libVLC taking a background role.

However, I'll look into the other 3rd party options right now to see how much 
they might provide.  It might be the case that I'll develop several plugins 
which link to different 3rdParty video libraries.  I would prefer to be able 
to develop just one library though which could do it all, which is why I've 
been considering libVLC.

I'll post more info how I get on.

I may well be developing a YUV to RGB fragment program as part of this work, 
this will help offload some of the processing work on to the GPU, this may 
well be useful to libVLC even if I don't go ahead and implement a libVLC 


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