[vlc-devel] Streaming Wizard bug (wizard.cpp)

Mark Moriarty mfmbusiness at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 29 03:45:27 CET 2005

When you run Streaming Wizard, the second page, where you select the
Destination (UDP, UDP Multicast, or HTTP) doesn't display properly if you
select either the UDP Multicast or HTTP options.  Sometimes the explanatory
text flows behind the txtctrl area where you type in the address, other
times the txtctrl input field will shrink to a tiny, maybe 0, vertical

I put a sample, hiddentext.gif, at:

Apparently this only occurs under Windows, but it's consistent in current
builds, best I can tell -- something with how the StaticBox is working, not
resizing properly based on the larger amount of text displayed for UDP
Multicast and HTTP.

User/PW are vlctest

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