[vlc-devel] Re: Small patch to enable IPv6 SSM with vlc

Hoerdt Mickael hoerdt at clarinet.u-strasbg.fr
Sat Jul 2 14:20:46 CEST 2005


The API used is the one defined in RFC3678, it's an informational RFC named
"Socket Interface Extension for Multicast Source Filters" and extends
API to be able to use MLDv2/IGMPv3 specififities. Currently, only linux
this completely in the kernel, and is considered as stable starting from

Concerning the portability, the API has now been included in the recent
versions of
glibc since version 2.3.4, that's why I manually defined the structure
which is defined in RFC 3678. This glibc is only included in the most
recent version of linux disbrib. Windows only implements a little subset
of this API and only for IPv4.

Also, what would be nice, but not included in the IPv4 SSM supports from
SSM is
DNS to be able to launch vlc with url like udp://blah.blah.fr@


Hoerdt Mickaël

Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:

>	Hello,
>Le Vendredi 1 Juillet 2005 00:48, Hoerdt Mickael a écrit :
>>The patch can be downloaded here and is for the file
>This patch defines structures for communication with the OS kernel 
>manually, with no further checks as to the compilation target.
>How portable is the involved API [supposed to be] ?

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