[vlc-devel] Thoughts about wxwindows "open disc" dialog

R. Bernstein rocky at panix.com
Sat Jul 9 05:06:29 CEST 2005

Sorry about that... Network interruption caused this to get
accidently sent before finished. Let's try again...

Some thoughts about the wxwindows "Open Disc" dialog. 

There is an entry field for Subtitles track. However for VCDs (and
DVDs) there could also be an audio selection track as well. DVD's are
a little better endowed in that one can specify a language like (en or
jp) in *or* an audio track number. For VCDs only a number is
allowed. It would be pretty simple to add a audio track number to the
Open dialog, and unless there's an objection I'll may do.

Another thing though is adding something like a "Probe device"
button. It could take one of two forms: report what's out there (DVD,
CDDA, VCD, "data" CD or DVD: ISO 9660, UDF) and here one might not
have to specify a device name. In addition or instead one could give a
device name and expected media format (e.g. CDDA, or VCD) and it would
adjust possible maximum values. For CDDA it could set the maximum
track value one can enter and for VCD the maxiumum Entry, LID, or
track number.

I'm not a GUI kind of guy, but I could make a stab at this. My guess
is that someone with a more design flare might want want the button

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