[vlc-devel] Answers about Italian translation

Javier Varela computerandmobile at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 11:16:48 CEST 2005

Hi, I'm Javier Varela, the l13r fot the spanish version of VLC.

Massimiliano Varani escribió:

>So, in the meanwhile, could you please help me on collecting all
>informations and files needed to make this translation painless?
>1. Which po file I actually have to translate for the GUI? It is important
>to have the right and latest one.
You'll have to see at the SVN (subversion) project web page, at 
developers. Right now ViewCVS doesn't work, you'll have to search at 
Trac, below trunk:
    M /trunk/po/it.po

(personally, I don't like Trac, with ViewCVS you had more info, you 
could even compare two file versions to see what have had change.)

>2. Is it better to compare original messages in French?
No, they tell us it's better from english l10n (en_BR.po)

>3. Sorry but I actually don't understand what you wrote (po4a with a patched
>Xml.pm file to create an it.po file for these two docs), what are po4a and the patched
>Xml.pm file?
... Uhh, dunno about that, I did the work at the beginning with Window$ 
WordWrap (a really pain of work!),  now I'm doing  it with the aid of  
poEdit, 'cuz the .po file are coded in UTF-8, not plain text as they 
were before.

>4. Is it ok to use gettext for win32? I currently have a new laptop from my
>company and still have to repartition HD to install linux...
... I've never used gettext.

>5. I didn't find the script to "compile" the .po file, but anyway, is there
>some instructions on doing this manually?
>6. Eventually, can I test my .po file under windows?  
Yes, when you use poEdit and you exit the program, it saves two files, 
that what you are changing, and another ending with .mo (i.e. "it.po" 
and "it.mo"). Rename it as "vlc.mo" and place it at this location:

C:\Program files\VideoLAN\VLC\locale\it\LC_MESSAGES

This works too with the nightly builds.

>Thanks again!
See ya, buddy!

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