[vlc-devel] Volume control weirdness, DVD hiccups

Kirk Hobart hobart at west.net
Sat Jul 16 12:18:50 CEST 2005


1. I submitted Bugzilla 2123 before I realized that I probably should have 
first discussed my patches on the vlc-devel mailing list.

Do you folks want piddly little patches like that from unknown guys like 
me, or would you rather be left alone to tackle bigger problems?  ;-)

2. I plan to investigate why I (and some other users) are experiencing 
brief video/audio playback hiccups at repeatable locations on many DVD 
movies. Can you tell from these debug messages where I should start looking?

I'm compiling VLC 0.8.2 source with MinGW+MSYS on Win2k.

Kirk  (some new guy)

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