[vlc-devel] DVD playback time code trouble

Kirk Hobart hobart at west.net
Sun Jul 17 10:58:37 CEST 2005


When I play DVDs in VLC 0.8.2 in Win2k, the Alt-Right and Alt-Left 
ten-second jump feature jumps to the wrong place, especially when the DVD 
is beyond the layer change. Also, the displayed time code jumps to zero at 
the layer change. I traced the problem as far as DEMUX_GET_TIME in 
dvdread.c, but I got lost trying to understand the structs in this line:
p_sys->i_title_cur_time = (mtime_t) p_sys->dsi_pack.dsi_gi.nv_pck_scr / 90 
* 1000;

I noticed a recent change to the code that I was stepping through. Maybe 
you folks are already working on this issue:


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