[vlc-devel] play streaming source with rtp/udp

mike lee mikelee at avantwave.com
Tue Jul 19 12:12:35 CEST 2005

Dear all
   I am using videolan player to test my streaming server thought
rtsp/rtp/udp . But i found that error occur whenever a frame is sent
with multiple packets which is likely to be the key frame. Final image
is a mess at the bottom but ok at the top. And i have checked that the
marker bit is properly set on the last packet. I don't know what i have
missed, Does anybody have idea on this?

[mpeg4 @ 0xd0c330]Error at MB: 64
[mpeg4 @ 0xd0c330]concealing 383 DC, 383 AC, 383 MV errors
[mpeg4 @ 0xd0c330]Error at MB: 199
[mpeg4 @ 0xd0c330]concealing 259 DC, 259 AC, 259 MV errors
[mpeg4 @ 0xd0c330]Error at MB: 66

best regard

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