[vlc-devel] Need some information about the deinterlacing support in Video La n

Srisuryakiran, Kasturi (IE10) Srisuryakiran.Kasturi at honeywell.com
Tue Jul 19 15:54:30 CEST 2005

Hi All,

         I need to provide support for deinterlacing in a video product.
         I was analyzing the videolan code to see how to reuse the code so
that deinterlacing support can be provided.
         From what I can see in the code it looks like:
         1) Deinterlacing is implemented in
         2) The code just deinterlaces without looking at the filter that is
being used!!!
         3) There is a RenderBob function in
vlc-0.8.1\modules\video_filter\deinterlace.c which renders the 
            Bob picture

         Is my understanding correct? 
         If yes, then it looks like all I need to do is the following :
         1) Call the deinterlacing code for each frame by filling the data
into a AVPicture structure
         2) Use the code in RenderBob, etc to copy the necessary data which
will have the deinterlaced image  
         Any idea how to fill the AVPicture structure with the necessary
data if I have to load from a bmp?
         Any help will be appreciated.  


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