[vlc-devel] About the OSX-Streaming-Wizard

Felix Kühne fk at aenneburghardt.de
Sat Jul 23 18:36:03 CEST 2005

The streaming/transcoding wizard on OSX is completely usable now,  
although people with more streaming experience should do some more  
tests, if possible.

The only thing left is the playlist-view on the second page  
("Input"). I would be glad if the devs of the main playlist-views  
could give me some hints how to get this done without writing more  
code than the entire wizard ;) If you got the time, I would be happy  
if you guys could even implement that ;)
I can answer any questions on the wizard's code until next Monday  
morning (after that I'll be off to Italy for a week).

Anyway, don't hesitate to provide any feedback on the wizard, if you  
want to.


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