[vlc-devel] Re: Demux ASF plugin modification (Linux)

Steve MOREAU moreau at essi.fr
Mon Jul 25 11:44:53 CEST 2005

Hello everyone,

Exploring VLC sources code and comparing two ASF streams (one from the
webcam, the other from a video streamed with another VLC instance), I
noticed some differences that may explain why VLC stops on stream_Peek
function : the length returned by stream_Size function for the webcam
stream is 556 (apparently the length of a standard ASF header) whereas it
is 0 for the VLC stream.

I don't know where this calue comes from (the length of the header is 327
in webcam stream) but 327 + 229 (value returned by stream_Peek) = 556...

I wonder if VLC doesn't stop because it has reached EOF (556)... While I
was trying to understand stream_Peek to see why it returns 556, I found
some difficult functions that I can't understand : in src/input/stream.c,
src/input/demux.c, src/input/mem_stream.c, there are GET_STREAM_SIZE
occurences with some pieces of code hummm... I got lost in tracing...

Did someone try to trace stream_Size function ? Where do you think it
reads the 556 value it returned ??

Thanks in advance


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