[vlc-devel] Re: [Fwd: Bug#313890: Proper encoding of patch; Was: [INTL:de] German PO file corrections]

Marco Munderloh Marco.Munderloh at web.de
Wed Jun 15 09:39:05 CEST 2005


there are some improvements, mostly concerning spelling.

Most entries got hyphens now - don't know if it's better this way.

Some entries like "MPEG-Programm-Stream" should not be translated
because it's a name and not a word. This is also an example for a
misplaced hyphen I think - it should be "MPEG program stream", "MPEG
Program Stream", "MPEG Program-Stream" or "MPEG Programstream"; I prefer
the first or second. Maybe it should just be left as a shortcut like
"MPEG PS" and "MPEG TS"?


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