[vlc-devel] Help: Adding TV Tuner Support

Brian Wang brian.wang.0721 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 18:11:03 CEST 2005

Hello all,

What I am trying is to add support for a custom-made DVB-T tuner
device (not-DirectShow compatible) to VLC.  It would be very cool if
we can view TV programs with VLC under M$ Windows.

I have read the developer's manual, which seems a bit outdated, but it
is still a good reference though. :-)
I tried playing with the code a bit and added a dummy access module. 
The GUI code for wxWindows/wxWidgets automagically builds the
configuration panel for my dummy access
module.  However, what if I want to have my own fancy configuration
panel?  Should I add a panel class of my own in gui/wxwindows/ or
somewhere else?  Also, for viewing DVB-T locally, do I need a nice
tuner window that allows the user to change the channel or is there
another way to do this?
If a tuner window is to be added, where should the code reside,
without messing up the modular design of VLC?  I know VLC support
DVB-T devices under Linux, but I do not have a Linux-compatible card
in hand.  Is there a separate tuner application for V4L?

Another question, my dummy access module loads a MPEG-2 TS file from
the local filesystem, but the video did not play until I gave VLC_TRUE
to the ACCESS_CAN_CONTROL_PACE query in the Control() function.  It
gives a bunch of
"main warning: received buffer in the future (19944543946570574)"
messages.  What does it mean?  I know for local files, the reading
pace can be controlled.  However, why doesn't it work when the
CAN_CONTROL_PACE query gives false?

Sorry for all these questions. :-)  I am trying to sort things out.
If I am in the wrong path or I am just re-inventing the wheel, please
let me know.
Thanks in advance.



iMaGiNaTiOn iS mOrE iMpOrTaNt tHaN kNoWlEdGe

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