[vlc-devel] Packetizer use within demux module

Neal Symms nsymms at redwar.us
Sat Mar 5 20:04:18 CET 2005

I'm writing a demux module for VLC that will demux .TY format files (data
extracted from TiVo devices).  I could submit the source to become part of
the VLC project if there's interest.

My question, however, is what is the purpose of packetizing the audio &
video within a demuxer?  I've tried both ways in my module.  That is, just
sending bits and pieces (non-packetized) MPEG audio & video to the codecs
and also by employing a packetizer and thus sending only complete packets to
the codecs.  Both methods appear to produce the same results.  The result is
great either way.  So what's the advantage (if any) of using a packetizer?

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