[vlc-devel] Tivo file formats (was: Packetizer use within demux module)

Neal Symms nsymms at redwar.us
Sun Mar 6 01:14:30 CET 2005

Derk-Jan Hartman wrote:
> > I currently discard the closed-caption information because I don't
> > think VLC
> > can yet handle streaming subtitle data.
> What kind of CC info is this? Do you have any idea? is it DVB text
> subs, DVB picture subs, DVD vobsubs, Teletext subs?

I'm not sure what is the proper name for this type of CC data.  It's a
separate Tivo record in the data stream, and consists of 2 bytes of data
every few frames.  Those 2 bytes sometimes contain text, and sometimes what
I presume are "control" characters for new-line, clear osd, etc.  The data
doesn't have any header other than Tivo's proprietary header info.

My guess is that the demux should re-encode this data as MPEG "user data"
packets (type 0xb2).  I'm unclear on the details as it relates to VLC,


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