Andre Pang ozone at algorithm.com.au
Mon Mar 7 12:57:57 CET 2005

Hi all,

I've got a small patch here which I'm not sure about committing.  
Basically, the patch:

  * Adds a new M4 macro for configure.ac use named VLC_ADD_MODULES, 
which builds a VLC module as a builtin if --enable-mostly-builtin is 
specified, or builds it as a plugin otherwise.

  * Changes configure.ac for ogg, vorbis, tremor, speex, theora, 
vout_directx, aout_directx and wingdi to use the VLC_ADD_MODULES macro 
above, as an example (rather than VLC_ADD_PLUGINS).

I've tested it on Mac OS X and Windows, and it works OK for me.  I 
thought the patch should be reviewed first before committing since (1) 
I'm an M4 novice, and (2) I'm not sure if people _want_ this kind of 
behaviour with --enable-mostly-builtin.  If there are no objections in 
the next few days, I'll go ahead and commit it.


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