[vlc-devel] New demux module

Neal Symms nsymms at redwar.us
Thu Mar 10 22:28:56 CET 2005

As I mentioned in previous email, I've written a demux module to allow VLC
to play TY format files.  This is the native format for streams as they
exist on TiVo devices.  Most methods to extract files from a TiVo unit
result in this type of file.  Currently the module handles all Series-1 TiVo
extracted files.  If I can get some Series-2 data to look at, it could
handle those as well...

If there's interest (previously there was some hint), it can be included in
the VLC source tree.

The source code is attached here, along with diffs for configure.ac to add
"--enable-tydemux" in configure.  In my environment, the files exist in

I've tried to stay close to the VLC coding conventions.

On another note, is anyone actively working on a Closed Caption / Teletext
module?  I think I can take the closed-caption code from the xine project
(their libspucc is GPL) and make it to work as a module.  It handles EIA-608
& EIA-708 captions.  EIA-608 is the typical line-21 (NTSC) / line-22 (PAL)
captions.  My TY module just isn't complete without CC displays.  :)

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