[vlc-devel] Re: CC decoders (was New demux module)

Neal Symms nsymms at redwar.us
Fri Mar 11 18:46:57 CET 2005

Gildas Bazin wrote:
> I don't think anybody is working on CC/Teletext decoders. It may be that
> Derk-Jan was looking at it at some point so he might have some insight on
> how to implement such a thing.
> AFAIR one of the problematic things was that CC data is stored as private
> data in the MPEG video elementary stream and there isn't currently any
> clean way to retrieve this information with the VLC architecture
> we've got
> (hacking the mpeg video decoders is a possibility but this isn't what I
> would call clean).

For my application (the TY demux module), it would work from inside the
demux.  The CC data is not contained within the mpeg video ES, it's a
separate packet at the transport level.  The demux module knows what those
extra packets are, and can open a CC decoder module and feed it the CC data.

But I do see the problem with general captions encoded within the MPEG video
data.  I'll probably adapt the CC module anyway as a "SPU" type of codec
within VLC for my own purposes.  If you guys can find a way to use it within
VLC, of course you can have it.


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