[vlc-devel] Re: segfault with /dev/stdin

C.Y.M cym at syphir.sytes.net
Tue Mar 15 07:19:12 CET 2005

Derk-Jan Hartman wrote:
> I'm not sure, but an old module that conflicts with your current tree
> might be the reason for this. This sometimes happens when stuff gets
> removed, shifted around etc.
> Try with a fresh tree. (make distclean ./bootstrap etc)
> DJ
> On 15 mrt 2005, at 03:17, C.Y.M wrote:
>> C.Y.M wrote:
>>> After updating today, I am getting the following segfault.  This
>>> breakage is due
>>> to something checked in between March 10th and today.
>>> [00000273] access_file access debug: opening file `/dev/stdin'
>>> [00000059] main module debug: using access2 module "access_file"
>>> [00000278] main private debug: pre buffering
>>> [00000278] main private debug: received first data for our buffer
>>> [00000278] main private debug: prebuffering done 439690 bytes in 0s -
>>> 2676 kbytes/s
>>> [00000261] main input debug: creating demux: access='' demux=''
>>> path='/dev/stdin'
>>> [00000279] main demuxer debug: looking for demux2 module: 36 candidates
>>> [00000279] main demuxer debug: looking for id3 module: 2 candidates
>>> [00000279] id3tag demuxer debug: checking for ID3 tag
>>> [00000164] main module debug: using id3 module "id3tag"
>>> [00000164] main module debug: unlocking module "id3tag"
>>> /usr/local/bin/vlcs: line 19: 25911 Segmentation fault      vlc -vvv
>>> --color
>>> /dev/stdin -I telnet --aspect-ratio 4:3 --sout
>>> '#standard{access=http,mux=ts,url=:1234}'
>> Sorry for the bad Subject header. Of course this problem has nothing
>> to do with
>> libid3tag. I have narrowed down the breakage from a checkin between
>> March 12th
>> and March 13th.  vlc works fine if I stream a dvd, but it gives me a
>> segfault
>> with the following command:
>>  vlc -vvv --color /dev/stdin -I telnet --aspect-ratio 4:3 --sout
>> '#standard{access=http,mux=ts,url=:1234}'

After a lot of compiling, I have discovered the offending module. The following
change is what is causing vlc to segfault when piping a PS stream to vlc.

U  vlc-trunk/configure.ac
U  vlc-trunk/modules/demux/Modules.am
A  vlc-trunk/modules/demux/ty.c
Checked out revision 10288.

Is anyone having trouble with the "ty" demuxer?

The following command is what Im using to cause the segfault. Playing DVDS and
some other streams seem to work fine.

cat 00*.vdr|pes2ts2 0 0|ts2ps 0 0|vlc -vvv --color /dev/stdin -I telnet
--aspect-ratio 4:3 --sout '#standard{access=http,mux=ts,url=:1234}'

Then, when vdr gets to the "ty" demuxer, it segfaults.  Everything appears to
build fine...

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