[vlc-devel] [BUG] wrong IOD_descriptor coding

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at tiscali.it
Sun Mar 20 00:26:09 CET 2005

reading the specs of the IOD descriptor I found what VLC is m[ie]ssing: 
the Scope of IOD label
(1 bytes just before the IOD_label)

I also know why: it's absent in the draft floating around, but defined 
in the final specs.

This is how it should be coded:
0x10 indicates that the IOD_label is unique within the program
0x11 indicates that the IOD_label is unique within the transport stream

Unfortunately this creates an incompatibility with every standard 
compliant SL demuxer,
so it has to be worked around, but I hope that future versions of VLC 
will be fixed.



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