[vlc-devel] mpgatofixed32 and codecs questions

Roman S Dubtsov busa at academ.org
Tue May 3 13:47:27 CEST 2005

Hello, I'm writing a little extension to current (as of 0.8.1) 
functionality: begin able to choose what channel to drop when 
transcoding a stereo stream to a mono one. I hope this topic fits 

What exactly I'm trying to do is to change transcode_audio_new 
function in transcode.c to add extra filters into the chain that 
would do the work (I'm going to use trivial_channel_mixer, which I've 
extended to have "audio filter2" capability (just a copy-paste from 

The problem is that I dont get the way mpgatofied32 and encoders treat 
the i_original_channels and i_physical_channels. I thought that they 
should be treated as bitmasks, but it's not the case.

Moreover, mpgatofixed32 treats the stereo input as a single channel 
and segfaults when its fmt_out.audio.i_physical_channels (or 
i_original_channels, I don't remeber exactly) differs from 

Thanks in advance.

Roman S Dubtsov
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