[vlc-devel] Seeking with VLM

Lopez, A. a.lopez at tue.nl
Wed May 11 14:18:54 CEST 2005

Dear all,

I don't really know whether this is the right context to ask this
question, but I would really appreciate if there is someone who can give
me an advice.

I am using the VLM plugin of vlc and I am able to start, pause, stop a
stream successfully. However, I am writing a program that should be able
to seek through the stream as well.

I know that with the VLM plugin you can seek to another point of the
stream by specifying the absolute percentage, however, I don't see the
possibility to seek to a point relative to the current time point on the

On the other hand, another way to solve the problem would be to know the
current status (time point) of the stream and its total length. With
this information, you could calculate the percentage you want to seek

I am able to get this information from a regular vlc process (not using
vlm) via the HTTP interface, my problem is when I use VLM and different
'medias'. Is there a way to get information such as stream_time,
stream_position, stream_length, of every single 'media' handled by VLM?

Thanks and kind regards,

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