[vlc-devel] Re: vlc: svn commit r13006 (fkuehne)

Marian Durkovic md at bts.sk
Wed Nov 2 09:04:28 CET 2005

On Tue, Nov 01, 2005 at 10:40:01PM +0100, Jean-Paul Saman wrote:
> The 7 TS packets in a UDP packet is not something VLC or the VideoLAN 
> team has invented. It is invented by "the streaming server industry" and 
> is considered an "unofficial" standard, because it obviously occupies 
> the network bandwidth a lot better then just 1 TS packet per UDP packet.

I've never argued with putting 7 TS packets into 1 frame, since this is
indeed a lot better. I'm just saying, that the addition of 12-byte RTP header
is required.

Multimedia delivery over raw UDP builds on incorrect assumptions, that it 
expects the IP network to deliver packets in the correct order and not 
duplicated. This was NEVER the case with IP networks - which means
multimedia delivery over raw UDP is flawed in basic principles. That's why 
everyone in the VoIP industry uses RTP and not raw UDP. 

Believe me, after 11+ years of experience with designing, building and
operating of IP networks I had enough chances to prove this.  

> UDP is there to stay and yes I agree VLC promotes to use standards, but 
> we also want things to *work* for lots of people in lots of situations.

Sure, I fully agree. I was just trying to say, that the preferred, mainstream
option should be the one which really works (i.e. RTP) and not the one which
emerged in the very early days of "the streaming server industry", which is
seriously flawed and which has been proved not to work in many cases.

And yes, I agree we should stop this thread now.


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